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I post things here about front-end web development, cycling, telemark skiing, design, art, entertainment and stuff I build in my workshop.

I spend most of my "on-the-clock" time writing Javascript, crafting nice semantic markup, responsive css, and obsessing over critically important things like web accessibility and good customer experience while working at URBN. The first chapter of my career was spent designing ads, logos, 3D renderings (POP & exhibit), and printed things like brochures, posters and signs, and I continue to make a modest group of freelance clients deliriously happy as < kencox design >.

Latest News

Another full-site re-write 2023-07-04

I re-wrote my personal site... again. This marks the 3rd static site generator I've used - starting with the Ruby-based Jekyll, through the JS/React based Gatsby and now the JS/Vue based Nuxt.

Looking for my Trail Map?

I created this free trail map to help navigate and enjoy the 30+ mile trail system that spans White Clay Creek Creek State Park, Middle Run County Park and Redd Park in northern Delaware.