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O'Neill Exhibit

I like to take a break from the web world every once in a while to create tangible things, the largest of which by far are trade show exhibits. Initially, I design the graphics panels in Photoshop or Illustrator, then work in a 3D CAD program to create a realistic render of the booth with the panels in place which I can show to the client. When my files go off to be printed by huge printers onto fabric, the design makes an almost magical leap into something you can actually walk around in.

SLA Service Management partnered with me to design a new 10x10 portable exhibit for their client, O'Neill & Sons, who sell and repair automatic pool cleaning robots (I will jump on any project that involves robots!). I had a vision of making their booth space into a robot's eye view of the bottom of an olympic swimming pool and found the perfect image to pull it off. The final tiled tensioned fabric image is almost 8' x 8' and really gives the feeling of being underwater - so much more interesting and attention grabbing than the usual exhibit back wall - and the shiny pool bottom would make any scrubbing robot proud.

O'Neill exhibit