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About Me

Ken Cox

I'm Ken Cox, a front-end web developer living in Newark, Delaware, USA. My days are spent working as a Web Engineer for URBN. My team develops the cart/checkout code for Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People. Previously, I worked on the card servicing site for Barclays, and the marketing site for Capital One and the late great ING DIRECT, which was my on-ramp into the world of enterprise web development after a decade of agency web and creative work. On the side, and with the help of my lovely bride and her amazing Photoshop skills, I make a small group of long-term freelance clients deliriously happy as < kencox design >.

Long long ago...

I remember being a senior in college and having no idea what I was going to do the following year. I'd loved art since elementary school, and the visual arts seemed to be the right career for me... but then why was I always sneaking over to the computer buildings to take programming courses? After graduation, I started my career doing design and page layout using Quark Express and Photoshop (which came on floppy disks at the time), but despite how much fun that was, something was still missing. It wasn't until the World Wide Web burst onto the scene that everything finally came together and I found my calling. I wrote my first web page after reading a basic HTML article in Byte Magazine in 1995, launched my own personal site in 1996, and started building things on the web professionally by 1997.

Since then, my job title has included various arrangements of the words 'designer', 'developer', 'UX', and 'web' (and twice now 'engineer'). As positions became more specialized, I gravitated toward front-end web development, but still keep those design and UX skills in my pocket for whenever they're handy. Over the years, I've completed online and interactive projects of all sizes for a variety of industries, including financial, pharma, B to B, healthcare and retail.

The New Hotness

  • Vue 3 I'm still currently spending my days working in Vue 2, but getting familiar with the fancy new bits in 3.

Old Favorites

  • Web accessibility - making web sites work for everyone. Hurt your dominant hand playing ball and can't use a mouse for a few weeks? Eyes not as sharp as they used to be? Now I'm helping you too.
  • VueJS My latest favorite front-end framework.
  • Agile Software Development
  • GatsbyJS which is a cool static site generator built on React that I used to build this site.
  • VS Code which replaced Sublime Text which replaced Textmate which replaced BBEdit as my favorite code editor.
  • Apple computers: My first computer as a kid was an Apple II+ and I used Macs for web development way before this became fashionable. I've actually lost count of how many I've owned, but my latest is a slick little MacBook Air that I used to build this site.
  • Minecraft: My girls and I build amazing things in this virtual world of blocks, plus we get to kill zombies. I've been breaking blocks and finding diamonds since the online beta.


When I'm not in front of a computer, I'm probably...

  • Furiously pedaling my trusty Niner Jet 9 or RLT 9 bike. If it's raining, I'm probably cleaning, greasing or fixing the fleet of bicycles in the garage - with 6 in current use, one is always in the repair stand.
  • Jamming with my girls on any number of instruments. The house collection consists of a digital piano, my daughter's incredibly cool Elixir Violin, a few acoustic guitars, electric & acoustic bass, two trombones, flute, clarinet, ukulele, and a toy box of other pitched and percussion instruments. There's always live music.
  • Watching a good sci-fi movie or listening to a good short fiction podcast in the car.
  • Camping at in northern Vermont, usually around the Stowe, Waterbury and Mad River Valley area.
  • Back country, Telemark and Downhill skiing, usually in the Poconos and Vermont, but occasionally in Delaware!
  • Climbing at Delaware Rock Gym
  • Trying to paint a respectable watercolor

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