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Straight Scrum Logo and Site

I worked with a fantastic BSA back at ING, and was thrilled when I got a message from him saying he was starting his own business and needed some help with the branding. I already knew we worked really well together, and (organized as always), he already had a name and deck of concepts to show me. I took his original idea of a person holding a fan of Scrum cards and refined over a few rounds. "The Dude" got a new pair of sunglasses, the cards got larger so they were readable, and adding some little fingers that break out of the circle completed the composition.

For the website, He needed something quick and simple to get launched on a short time frame, but I wanted to set him up with an architecture that could grow infinitely as his needs inevitably expanded. The result is a Vue site served from Netlify that has CI deployment from GitHub, and uses a headless CMS so he's able to make his own content updates and blog posts. For a final touch, I added a custom CSS animation of the cards fanning that is displayed whenever content is loading.

Straight Scrum branding and website design