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Loweriders Brand and Site

Andy Lowe approached me when he needed a logo to put on his business plan for a new bike, skate and snowboard retail store he was opening. The only direction he gave me was that he liked red, white and blue, and the "Hot Wheels" logo. I can absolutely work with that! After a few evenings in Illustrator hand-drawing and refining the licking flames, the LoweRiders brand was born. In the years that followed, I produced a strong web and email presence for LoweRiders, as well as all manner of ads, stationery, signage, bike jerseys, and anything else a growing shop needed to brand.

As part of the logo package, I also provided an alternate "LR Flame" version. The square aspect ratio and strong graphic style was perfect for things like water bottles and to run big across a jersey as a design element.

LoweRiders Bikes & Boards soon moved into a much larger space, and today is one of the area's premier shops. I'm proud of the part I played in launching the business, and smile every time I see someone wearing a LoweRiders jersey out on the trails.

Loweriders brand and site samples