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Trail Map updated to include pump track

I’ve updated the Unofficial White Clay & Middle Run Trail Map to include the Middle Run Pump Track. I also made a few small edits like removing the beloved old log ride on the Whitley trail which finally rotted out. It was one of the few ones that I never fell off of despite my best efforts. Really glad too since going off the low side would have been a bad tumble.

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Trail Map updated to include new construction

I’ve updated the Unofficial White Clay & Middle Run Trail Map to include the new paved trail and all the resulting re-routes. It really hurt to delete some of those little vector lines, but at least the map is accurate again.

While I was making edits, I updated the Redd Park trails to include the red/blue/gold trail colors to match the signage.

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I just completed adding many new pieces to Brad Vanneman’s website, and did major revisions to the gallery section to allow much larger photos to be displayed. There’s also slideshow functionality on some of the newer works so we can show multiple photos of the work. The main navigation has also been completely re-thought to bring it in line with Brad’s current business goals.

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I just published a major re-write of Brad Vanneman’s website. Brad is a sculptor that has done a lot of commercial work for Lenox & Franklin Mint, as well as larger private and corporate commissions (some of which you may recognize from the Wilmington area).

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Trail Map v2.4.3

While the pace of change in Middle Run and White Clay has slowed, I just published an update which corrected a few things which had become outdated. The biggest change is the Creekside Trail (now properly named) and its challenging skinnies (now on the map). Sadly, I also finally removed the high skinny log on the Lenape Trail which broke in half a while ago. It had been made famous by two separate photos published in Dirt Rag, and as one of the most challenging features in the park it will surely be missed.

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Finally, a New Site

I am my own worst client. I have no idea what I want, I make radical changes to the project’s scope with careless abandon, and although I demand only the highest quality deliverables, I haven’t a dime to spend on the project. Given this draconian development environment, it’s a true testament to my patience and professionalism that I was able to launch this new web site at all.

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