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Montain Biking

Why do I do this? It may sound odd, but I've often wondered what it would be like trying to explain mountain biking to an alien race. You see, we spend ridiculous amounts of money engineering these mechanical contraptions which we have to power with our own bodies, then we seek out the most improbable terrain possible and hurtle ourselves up and down it at significant risk of bodily injury, all the while expending ridiculous amounts of energy just to end up arriving right where we started (if we're lucky!). Makes perfect sense right?

Did I forget to mention how much fun it is? I can also burn up to 1000 calories per hour at maximum effort, which is very helpful to a guy who sits at a desk all day writing code. Speaking of code, I can't count how many times I've solved a nagging coding problem or design challenge while I was out on a ride with my heart rate pegged at 3 beats per second.

My lovely wife was kind enough to present me with a slick little GoPro camera, which I can strap to my chest so you can see pretty much what I see when I ride. Over on the right side of the page are videos from two of my favorite trails: the Skills Trail in White Clay Creek State Park (which I can ride to on trail from my house), and the Florence Flow Trail in Stowe, VT (which is worth the 8 hour drive to visit). I support and am a member of both of the bike clubs involved in these great trails: Delaware Trail Spinners and Stowe Mountain Bike Club.

I track my rides with Strava, which lets me race each section of trail against my previous rides, or other riders. It also keeps yearly totals, so I can tell you that in 2015 I rode 58 times for a total of 958.1 miles which was 110 hours and 10 minutes of saddle time with 78,855 total feet of total vertical climb.

Sometimes I ride with a buddy on a bike with three wheels and two gears.