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Another full-site re-write2023-07-04

I re-wrote my personal site... again. This marks the 3rd static site generator I've used - starting with the Ruby-based Jekyll, through the JS/React based Gatsby and now the JS/Vue based Nuxt.

Why do I keep doing this? Because I'm a front-end engineer, and the one thing that's constant about front-end development is that there is always a new front-end framework or library that promises to revolutionize the web. Seriously though, I've been using Vue at my day job for the past 4 years, and there's talk of us migrating to Nuxt, so getting some experience with it on my personal site seemed like much more fun than upgrading Gatsby (which I'd let fall several versions out of date). I'd begun to dread making changes using the old codebase, which is never a good sign.

Speaking of changes, the document-driven Nuxt Content is some spectacular magic. Being able to create blog posts in markdown that contain components with state and props opens up a lot of possibilities. I also converted most of the site pages to pull in markdown for quicker edits. Best of all, it all works! I love it when stuff works.