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That's Entertainment2019-09-16

Go watch The Expanse right now

I don't watch that much television, and going out to the movies is a rare treat reserved for films that must be seen on the big screen or special occasions. That said, I have a lot of favorites accumulated slowly over the years, and I'm always telling someone (usually Allan these days) that they absolutely HAVE to watch something or another. To make this process a little more organized, I've added a new Entertainment section to the site.

In addition to my big-screen favorites and must-watch TV, I've also included my favorite short fiction podcasts from Pseudopod and Escape Pod. I listen to these on the way to and from work, and can't say enough good things about them.

I keep remembering movies that I need to add, and I'm toying with a better way to list them... what category do I put a beloved horror/commedy/action/adventure/sci-fi movie into? It all got a little muddy as the list grew, and I might like some more space to add my personal opinions, so changes may be coming.