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News and rambling thoughts

There are many blogs on the web where people post their witty insights and angry rants. This one is mine.

Another full-site re-write

I re-wrote my personal site... again. This marks the 3rd static site generator I've used - starting with the Ruby-based Jekyll, through the JS/React based Gatsby and now the JS/Vue based Nuxt.

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2021 City to Shore Ride

Recap of my 2021 MS City to Shore ride with Team URBN. Four of us went the distance on the century course, and I only got lost once.

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This was my first Telefest, and being on the mountain with over a hundred other skiers with "funny bindings" was a really cool experience.

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Zombieland Double Tap

It's a rare treat when me and my lovely bride get to go to a grown-up movie, so we try to make them count. This one did not disappoint

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Finally, a newer site!

Back in 2013, I'd decided to build my personal site using Middleman, which was a Ruby-based static site generator. Since then, my whole world had shifted away from Ruby and toward all things Javascript, and keeping that cranky Ruby environment running was becoming increasingly annoying.

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Finally, a new site

I am my own worst client. I have no idea what I want, I make radical changes to the project’s scope with careless abandon, and although I demand only the highest quality deliverables, I haven’t a dime to spend on the project

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