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Watercolor Painting

I've always loved drawing and painting, and even though these days I'm surrounded by all things digital, I still love the challenge of real media, where there is no 'undo' button. I've painted in oils and acrylic before, but nothing is as demanding and unforgiving as watercolor. The process is part technical skill and part uncontrollable chaos that you have to embrace in a Zen-like way to avoid ruining very expensive paper.

About once a year I dust off my box of supplies and see if I've gained any enlightenment. Usually, they're on-location, and I'm particularly fond of using water sourced from the painting's location (creeks, pool water, melted snow).

Paint tubes

Expensive little tubes of watercolor paint

Watercolor of Barbados Poolside

"Barbados Poolside", Watercolor, 4" x 6", 2004. I made this tiny postcard sized painting on-site while on a trip to Barbados.

Watercolor of a fruit still life

"Still Life", Watercolor, 10" x 7", 2011. I painted a series of these fruit/veggie still lives as exercises, using only 3 wells of semi-transparent paint: red, blue and yellow.