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That's Entertainment

I don't watch that much television, and going out to the movies is a rare treat reserved for films that must be seen on the big screen or… read more

Tags: entertainment | news

Finally, a newer site!

Back in 2013, I'd decided to build my personal site using Middleman, which was a Ruby-based static site generator. Since then, my whole… read more

Tags: development | news major re-design

Jul 8 2014 I just completed adding many new pieces to Brad Vanneman’s website, and did major revisions to the gallery section to allow much… read more

Tags: kcd | development site Relaunch

I just published a major re-write of Brad Vanneman’s website. Brad is a sculptor that has done a lot of commercial work for Lenox & Franklin… read more

Tags: kcd | development

Trail Map v2.4.3

While the pace of change in Middle Run and White Clay has slowed, I just published an update which corrected a few things which had become… read more

Tags: map | cycling

Finally, a new site

I am my own worst client. I have no idea what I want, I make radical changes to the project’s scope with careless abandon, and although I… read more

Tags: development | news