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About Me

Ken Cox

I'm Ken Cox and I'm a web developer living in Newark, Delaware, USA. My days are spent working as a Senior Front-End Web Developer for Barclay Card. Previously, I was doing something similar at Capital One 360, which is what became of the late great ING DIRECT, which is where I entered the enterprise world after a decade of agency work. In my spare time, I make a small group of long-term freelance clients deliriously happy as < kencox design >.

Long long ago...

I remember being a senior in college and having no idea what I was going to do the following year. I'd loved art since elementary school, and the visual arts seemed to be the right career for me... but then why was I always sneaking over to the computer buildings to take programming courses? After graduation, started my career doing design and page layout using Quark Express 3.0 and Photoshop 2.5 on a Mac IIci with an 80MB hard drive, but despite how much fun that was, something was still missing. It wasn't until the World Wide Web burst onto the scene that everything finally came together. I wrote my first web page after reading a how-to article on HTML in Byte Magazine in 1995, launched my own personal site in 1996, and started building things on the web professionally by 1997.

Since then, my titles at a number of companies and ad agencies have included various arrangements of the words 'designer', 'developer', 'UX', and 'web'. I've completed online and interactive projects of all sizes for a variety of industries, including big pharma, finance, technology, healthcare and retail.

Geeky Interests

  • All things html, css, javascript, mobile web, user experience, usability, accessibility, and design
  • Node Js, Grunt, Sass, Angular, and whatever the new hotness is today.
  • Automating UI Testing with Casper JS because everyone loves passing tests!
  • Agile Software Development
  • The Sublime Text code editor (which replaced Textmate which replaced BBEdit)
  • The Ruby programming language and Rails web framework
  • Apple computers: I used Macs for web development way before it became fashionable, and have owned 13 14 of them over the years
  • Minecraft: My girls and I build amazing things in this virtual world of blocks, plus we get to kill zombies.


When I'm not in front of a computer, I'm probably...